Bangladesh Institute for Information Literacy and Sustainable Development (BIILSD)

Ruhi Rahman

Ruhi Rahman obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Fisheries Management from Rajshahi University and   Bangladesh Agriculture University respectively.  She is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Disaster Management at Dhaka University. 

Ms. Rahman has been working as an Area Manager with Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) for last five years, and managing two projects namely Comprehensive Poverty Reduction Program and Biochar Project. While working with CCDB, she has acquired vast experience in the areas of Poverty Reduction, Community Development, Women Empowerment, Advocacy and Campaign, Social and Gender Development, etc. She has also expertise in designing gender related strategy, facilitating training on gender empowerment, planning community development strategy, developing Participatory Gender Analysis Tool (PGAT) and Gender Analysis Framework. She received an online training on Women Leadership for community development from Coady International Institute of St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.

Her major areas of interest in research include Gender, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Poverty Reduction, etc. She has a great amount of skill on data collection using both quantitative and qualitative tools, developing data collection tools, data analysis, etc.