MIL Public Library Study

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) maintains that Libraries around the World can play a key role in achieving this Agenda. As a source of information and knowledge hub for everyone in a society, Public Libraries (PL) are in a unique position to achieving SDGs. However, this is understood that Public Libraries in Bangladesh have serious resource constraints. Many PLs are not adequately equipped to provide ICT enabled services. Many Public Librarians themselves are not MIL citizens.

In this context, this research aims to assess the level of awareness of Public Librarians about SDGs as well as their level of MIL skills. Readiness of Public Libraries to offer new services and readiness of Public Librarians to assume new roles will also be examined. Capacity building requirements of public libraries will also be recommended. It is expected that this research will significantly enhance the understanding of readiness and capacity building of Public Libraries in Bangladesh.