MIL Youth Study

We are living in an unequal and unjust world which requires huge efforts, such as achieving SDGs to significantly improve the situation. The youth is considered a powerful force to bring in such changes and reforms. It is widely believed that the Media and Information Literate (MIL) youth can play a very significant role in achieving SDGs. However, in the backdrop of deluge of disinformation and misinformation in an information era, question arises whether the youth is adequately informed, engaged and empowered.

In this context, this study aims to understand whether the Bangladeshi Youth is informed, engaged and empowered. Particularly, their information seeking behavior will be analyzed. Attempts will be made to understand whether they have competencies to critically evaluate information and their sources. Their attitude towards and treatment of misinformation, disinformation and hate speech will be examined. It is expected that this study will vindicate the necessity for a MIL policy and strategy as well as MIL curriculum in developing countries like Bangladesh.